Mens jewelry designer Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts creates men's beaded jewelry with a unique style and natural materials.  Confidence you can wear.

I don't make men's beaded jewelry.

I make confidence you can wear.

  • How to size a mens beaded necklace by Authentic Arts.Confidence is wearing accessories that make a statement about who you are.
  • Confidence is a pop of turquoise paired with a navy suit.
  • Confidence is stainless steel cord, chain and clasps that won't break or tarnish.
  • Confidence is a 5 year guarantee against breakage.
  • Confidence is finding the perfect fit.

How to size a mens beaded necklace or bracelet by Authentic Arts.


About Your Designer

Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts:  A men's beaded jewelry designer since 2008, Jenny also makes ceramic sculptures.

My name is Jenny Hoople, I've been designing and selling men's beaded jewelry since 2008. I graduated with a degree in ceramic sculpture and fine art from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania in 2001. I live in Wisconsin with my husband, little boy and our scruffy terrier.  We spend our winters in Mexico visiting my in-laws, cooking food on outdoor fires, getting inspired to make new work and living at the speed of nature.

About My Men's Beaded Jewelry

I handcraft jewelry for men who are looking for a more Authentic experience of life.  The aesthetics of my men's beaded jewelry combine everything I learned from a lifetime spent in the woods and from a college career and adult life spent in art studios.  I look to nature's colors, textures and materials to inspire my designs. After college, I learned jewelry making on the fly and, through much work, developed a construction style specifically designed to withstand the adventurous lifestyles of my men's beaded jewelry customers.  My men's jewelry is stylish and lightweight, but thick and strong enough to stand the test of time. Every piece of my men's beaded jewelry is designed and handmade by me.  Click here to shop for my men's jewelry online!   Click here to shop online for men's beaded jewelry by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts.   Men's beaded necklace styled with a scarf and sweater.  Authentic Arts men's jewelry is handmade by Jenny Hoople.  

What My Men's Jewelry Customers Are Saying

My purchase arrived fast, packaged extremely well and very classy.  The quality of the craftsmanship was top notch and the price...very worth it.  ~ Paul

All I can say is that this one is just as terrific as the other pieces I've ordered from this store. Arrived in near-record time (charmingly packaged), and, most importantly, looks great. ~ Mark

This necklace is just plain old terrific. Looks great, very well made, sits well on the neck, and (very important) the clasp is easy to handle by "man-sized" hands. It's cool, clever...and classy. I've been wearing either this or the "Chlorophyll" necklace every day this summer. I like it so much, I might even wear it into fall. ~ Mark (again!)

Heavy sturdy and well made. Pleasure to wear. Lots of compliments from total strangers. Everyone loves it. ~ Anonymous

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